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Quality producers don’t respond to job postings and they don’t post their resumes to a database. Most are perfectly content at their current firm and highly skeptical about changing Broker-Dealers. So how do you recruit such elusive professionals?

Engaging  with UpTick Financial Recruiting

Rather than trying to convince producers to join your firm, our ‘Warm-Callers’ inform advisors about your Value Prop and ask those who are qualified and interested to engage in a ‘Discovery Call’ so that you can introduce yourself and tell them more about your platform and career opportunity. This methodology has proven to be highly effective because, at the end of the day, the person best able to present your value proposition to high-level producers is you! In typical UpTick fashion, our warm-calling services are highly affordable. We charge a fixed hourly rate with no commissions and no contracts to sign. We also recruit high-performing career changers.

Career Changer Recruiting

Looking to hire quality candidates from other industries? We scour the Internet to find sales reps, managers, athletes, financial professionals, and others who may want to transition into a FA position. We tell them about your opportunity, conduct in-depth telephone screens and arrange interviews on your behalf.

Tel: 646-734-0334

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